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It’s my first full day in Orlando and I already bought this by lunchtime. I am furry trash and living my best life!

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At Disney Springs. Mechanic PolarBurr @HypoidBear@twitter.com with Coke PolarBurr.

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Well, @Avis@twitter.com has been thoroughly unhelpful. They want to charge me $175 to pick up a car an hour early after I’ve prepaid. No one there would work with me. Looks like I’m going with someone else next time.

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Bye bye, shop. I won't be thinking of you for a week and a half. :D

Down to the last 30 minutes of work and then vacation polarburrs. Tomorrow Polarburrs will be in Orlando. ❄🐻😁

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My favorite f— off moment in the new Yale study is when they show that we could give all 1.5 million health insurance industry workers 2 years severance pay after we pass Medicare for All and it would literally still be cheaper than what we have now

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From a love of blubber to enormous paws, polar bears are remarkable animals, with many unusual adaptations that help them thrive in the Arctic. As we count down to International , February 27th, we wanted to share our 10 favorite facts: bit.ly/3bKo0Bh

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I am Dallas Burrs with 🐘EddieBurrs@tiggi.es

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Finally, I'm weekend polarburrs. ❄🐻🎉

For relaxing times. Make it Burrtory time.

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Burrs are going to be Dallas Burrs on Saturday with 🐘EddieBurrs@tiggi.es again. Korean Spa and other fun stuff for the day. :)

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Willy apparently wants to learn how to restore mid century furniture. This crazy kitty loves watching TV.

Fuck. Why do I have to work tomorrow? It should be illegal for a burr to have to go to work.

Ayn Rand is a twat. If you disagree please unfollow. For everyone else, please enjoy Baloo.

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Don’t be fooled by the . Labor relations are worse than they’ve been in half a century.

Even though the US economy is twice as large as it was in 1980, the median wage hasn’t risen in 40 years.

Almost all the gains went to the top.

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