A/C compressor doesn't compress anymore. A nice easy swap on this BMW 740i with an N55. Lots of room. Last car for the day then EddieBurrs are off for the rest of the week. ❄🐻🥳

It's nice to see that the kid from Silver Spoons and the My Pillow guy are taking a break from being right wing domestic abusers and spent time and money bailing out that piece of shit Rittenhouse kid.

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Taxpayers paid for 100% of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine development.

*We paid $2,500,000,000*

It absolutely must be made a public good that is free and available to everyone around the world.

This is the people's vaccine. Not Big Pharma's. twitter.com/CNN/status/1328308

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Fun DC fact: The house where John Wilkes Booth and his conspirators planned Abraham Lincoln’s assassination is now a Chinese restaurant called “Wok and Roll.”

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No host likes shooting promos, especially for a phone version of their hit game show, but Trebek did them with good humor. So long, Alex, and fuck 'em.

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Future generations of polar bears and people depend on the decisions we make today. Thanks to all who voted for polar bears and action on climate!

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Congratulations Mr. President elect Joe Biden, Ms. vice president select Kamala Harris. And most of all congratulations to America for returning to sanity.

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My boss bought a customers 525i with a dead engine and this 325i with a dead body. Pulling the engine out of the 325i and putting it into the 525i to make 1 new loaner car. Wheeee!

Ouch. My Snap-on 18mm wrench grew legs and walked away some time ago and now my backup Craftsman broke. It looks like Lowe's does the Craftsman warranty now. And I'm sure a replacement 18mm Snap-On wrench is $78,000 dollars or $10 a week these days. Lol

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Texas Democrats: If you keep going, your state will flip blue. You’ve got this! It’s historic. It will end our national nightmare, not just now, but for a generation. Six days left of early voting. Do it today!

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