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One thing I’ve learnt as a manager - building a monoculture is a disservice to yourself and your company.

If you won’t build a team consisting of folks of varied sexes, orientations, races, and creeds, resign.

If a team that interviews you is all one sex and nationality, run.

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@AlisonMGill1@twitter.com @SBAgov@twitter.com From our president @NotNickFish@twitter.com: “It’s unconscionable that with more than 10 million Americans out of work, the SBA is subsidizing wealthy religious groups and mega churches with untold billions of taxpayer money." atheists.org/2020/04/churches-

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Welp. Ran out of work for the day so polarburrs are now home. We have two cars supposedly scheduled for tomorrow. Hopefully they actually show up. Things are rough out there.

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I love the pain in Pete's laugh as he realizes his childhood hero is a Bernie supporter

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I'm gonna grow my hair into a big mullet and buy a jean jacket so I can cosplay as Randall Flagg during this pandemic.

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I baked a red velvet cake from scratch for my husband’s birthday. I was a little sloppy with the cream cheese icing, but it’s the thought that counts, right? Next time I think I should refrigerate the icing a bit longer. 🎂 ❤️

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Watching @realDonaldTrump@twitter.com pat himself on the back in the midst of this crisis is like watching bad football, home team is down 42-0 in the end of the 4th quarter. As a coach, he plays a field goal, and announces that he's now winning thanks to his early and successful efforts.

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It’s really difficult seeing someone you genuinely considered a friend leave so many people broken-hearted in their wake.

And be completely cognizant of doing it. “I’m enjoying myself. I know it’s bad, but I’m going to keep on doing it because I like it.”

And it’s celebrated.

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At least the subsequent “loves” can’t result in another child left in another state to be raised by southern baptists. 🐻👍🏾

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I really do enjoy congratulating folks on finding love. Not everyone finds that in life.

I really dislike when folks keep congratulating popufurs on their 6th/7th/8th new love in 2 years. Guys, he’s just a slut who got tired of the last penis and found a new one. Stop.

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It's a little slow in the shop but I finally got parts for this Aston Martin so at least I have a few hours of work. It's just a routine 7 year service. Then go home.

It's a lazy solitary Saturday morning for polarburrs. I guess I gotta get up and figure out some noms.

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Virginia Pastor Who Said COVID-19 Was Anti-Trump “Mass Hysteria” Dies of Virus

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Appointments have been slowing down since a lot of people have been laid off or staying at home. But we have a small backlog of cars to tide us over for a little while. Today it's engine mounts and fix a CEL on this California.

The city of Austin and Travis county have issued a stay at home order but I'm considered "essential" so off to work I go to fix Ferraris and Porsches tomorrow. Rich people need their sixth spare car fixed NAO! ❄🐻😒

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