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capitalism’s #1 priority actually isn’t profit!

that’s its #2 priority. #1 is maintaining control of the working class.

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Just a quick reminder that the working class's share of the economic Good Times since 1980 is effectively zero

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EddieBurrs are installing new pads and rotors on @VictorKoopa@twitter.com mobile. ❄🐻👍

I always get a little chuckle when I see a previous mechanics lost tools in an engine bay. ❄🐻🤣

I've got a 2014 BMW M6 that I can't figure out this cold start VANOS issue. I've cleaned the vanos solenoids, moved them, replaced one. The oil is good and at the correct level. The latest DME software is installed. Electrical is good. Runs perfectly when warmed up with no codes.

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i refuse to believe this is an accident but I've been sent it roughly 500 times so here you go

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Hmm. Apparently you need to pull the rear bumper off to replace the air filters on newer 911s. I'm gonna guess these filters have never been replaced.

Got some leaky hydraulic rams on this tired SLK230. My guess is the customer won't want to fix it.

Radiator replacement day for this rather beat up C63. ❄🐻👍

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