That being said, if there are any Quality Engineers who follow me who have experience with *nix, containers, networking, and have an interest in cybersecurity, interested in making real money, poke Burrs. We’ll see where this goes. ;)

It was an experiment more than anything. I don’t think I’d feel comfortable hiring most furries. The ones I would, would have no problems with actually being professional, would be actively looking for career growth and personal improvement, so…few and far between.

It’s telling when I post in tech/cybersecurity Furry Telegram chats that I’m hiring for 2 remote cybersecurity positions and there’s zero response…though furs there will eBeg for HW, complain about disabilities not letting them buy tech, and bitch about their current crap job.

People need to learn that offering Burrs a discount on something that Burrs does not want does not make their undesirable product any less undesirable.

I’m glad that no one on my team recognizes boss’s day. It’s one of the worst Hallmark Holidays where at some companies, people feel compelled to get something for someone who makes more than them and makes it awkward for a leader who hates being called a “boss.” I’m not Bowser.

There seems to be a certain type of moron who buys old E46 BMW roaches, dresses them up in soon-to-delaminate carbon fiber, and then drive the remaining 130HP the original M54B25 has left, into the ground while the CEL blinks to the beat of their trunk shaking subwoofer.

Anything that is important enough to affect someone’s life in a profound way is “personal.” I loathe people who say, “It was a business decision. Nothing personal.” Have the testicular fortitude to say, “The business values other things more than you.” It’s less of a lie.

I’ve been corrected by people far younger than me and with far less experience than me. I’m not afraid to be wrong. As my father said, “Half of what I know is wrong, I’m just not sure which half.” It’s part of life. And what was correct yesterday may be incorrect today.

I’ve been learning that folks who say, “I have X many years experience, therefore I’m right” generally spew crap. If what you’re saying makes sense, it should stand on its own. If it doesn’t, you’re arguing with an idiot, or you are the idiot and you should stop regardless.

A lot of it, I suppose is on me for having emotions I convey online that go beyond *extremely horny* and naively expecting Internet animal people, many with issues intercepting social cues, to somehow comprehend that.

I’ve got a bunch of friends who are furries. And I know they mean well. But offering RP’d sex shouldn’t be the go to response for everything.

“I’m kinda stressed right now."
*sucks your dick*
“I’m really feeling a bit down.”
*nuzzles your musky balls*

Thanks, but, uh No.

Burrs are hosting a last of us game for a while. Code JTMKTQ

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