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Your Maserati Levante came with Dodge brakes. Also the 3.0 V6 engine is a highly modified Chrysler pentastar engine assembled by Ferrari. Just FYI. Lol

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holy shit I’m in a hipster cafe and just heard a dude say he’s releasing his first podcast straight to vinyl, pack up humanity it’s done.

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@HypoidBear@twitter.com Or, I should say, Cool Blue Boost Xenarcs. :)

Really happy with how the Osram Cool Blue Intense Xenarcs/New Angel Eye bulbs/eyebrow wiring came in, and big thanks to @HypoidBear@twitter.com for helping with the install.

Really happy with how the new headlights/Osram Cool Blue Boost/LED Halo bulbs and the brow LED wiring all came together.

Made saag paneer with chapathi and blackened catfish with lemon butter sauce and sprouted brown rice because no one tells Burrs what to do.

Before the Forester, Burrs had one of the first USDM cars converted with an EJ205 converted from a then-new WRX. 1999 Outback Sport, VF39, Bosal downpipe, up pipe, RA gears, 4.44 final drive, STi Pink injectors. No torque, very high strung, very sleeper.

Continuing with the old car theme, I had a Forester XT -> Forester STi converted with Brembo brakes, built motor /w Cosworth pistons, 2007 STi tranny, DCCD, R180, JDM front end, leather interior. The late Dave Mirra told me it was nicest Forester he’d ever seen.

The 2003 E46 330xi 6MT with Bilstein HDs and square E46M anthracite wheels was fun. Burrs drove it to 255k miles. It had 200k in these pics.

Sometimes, I miss the old SVX, but after so much love and work put into it - engine rebuild, 4.44 tranny, shift kit, new supension, STi wheels, just to have a street racer hit and wreck it, it’s just a pleasant memory.

I need a badger alt just to provoke @DenningBadger@twitter.com.

.@HypoidBear@twitter.com is helping Burrs install new updated headlamps on the 135i. Mechanic PolarCubbies are best polar cubbies. Then Burrs get noms.

Burrs Feex Ms. Pac-Man. Nevermind the sloppy exposed wires. The connectors are offset vertically.

LionBurrs are the way to get the stuff done that you need to.

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🔥 Type ‘[your species] are’ and let auto-fill roast you.

Bunnies are such amazing idiots

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Burr’s new 135i front calipers are now powder coated.

Who else does Burrs know in Orlando besides @SimbaMCO@twitter.com ?

Burrs have booked a large vacation home with hot tub/pool in Kissimmee for @GlynWolf@twitter.com @VictorKoopa@twitter.com @HypoidBear@twitter.com @gamblekat@twitter.com for our vacation, and we’ve reserved the butterfly princess room for @SimbaMCO@twitter.com for when he slums with us.

Many good noms and fun games will be played.


@misuto_raccoon@twitter.com Time to fumigate the guest room. All the guest rooms ever. Do what? :)

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