20 hour sous vide beef (Filipino) adobo. Finished off on the stovetop, ready for noms.

I used to know the guy who ran this shop years ago back when I was into Subarus. He’s since become a Jeep nut and is selling these stickers. It’s disgusting, and unfunny, especially in a time like this with actual people getting hit and injured by counter protesters and cops.

Burrs just put some seared adobo beef with garlic, onions, black pepper, bay leaves, coconut milk, rice vinegar, soy sauce, and some allulose into the sous vide for about 20 hours of slow cooking goodness. Dinner tomorrow will be amazeburrs.

I just had a rando furry telegram Burrs and tell Burrs that his morning has been ruined by his nephew and a baby goat.

Burrs did not inquire further.

The big router companies like Cisco and Juniper still haven’t figured out why packets containing misinformation seem to arbitrarily be given higher priority over packets containing actual informatiom.

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"Villainy wears many masks, none so dangerous as the mask of virtue."

-Ichabod Crane, Sleepy Hollow (1999)-

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Everyone keeps telling Burrs he needs to go back to Louisiana to get away, but McKenzie’s, K&B, and Pancho’s are gone, it’s not king cake season, and it’s the middle of 2020 on top of that.

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10% off all weekend! Currently raising funds to fix my car so all RTs highly appreciated, you never know you might help find my next customer 💜 pride pins and stickers, trans flag stickers available. Shop worldwide!

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Bedtime for Burrs. Someone deliver me a bedtime tiggy, please. Burrs appreciate ya.

For example, if a car wash business decides it won’t wash red cars because people who own them are The Devil, that’s their prerogative. But if people with other car colors stop giving them business as a result, they can’t (but likely will) claim those people violate their 1st.

Having run an IRC server and currently running other services, this is very bothersome. Too many idiots I’ve forcibly removed from my servers conflated privately owned but publicly accessible services with public/taxpayer funded services and asserted they had immunity to act out.

Idiots think the 1st gives them the right to spout anything they want using privately owned resources and claim a 1st violation when denied.

The 1st doesn’t guarantee a private entity has to enable one to speak freely. It doesn’t protect from any reprisals BUT the government’s.

The 1st amendment was written to allow people and corporations to openly express their views without fear of government reprisal.

Trump using the government to retaliate against Twitter fact checking his BS on their privately owned service is a violation of the 1st amendment.

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Yesterday really lifted my mood. I was promoted a couple years back and was never sure if I’d risen to my level of incompetence. I pushed myself to be uncomfortable though and do the best I could. I just got the best 360 feedback and performance review that I’ve had in years.

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New bumper sticker Burrs wants made. “Pro-Life /and/ Anti-Mask? I’m anti-hypocrite, thanks.”

The Maharaja of Rewa, who in his desire for more “pretty” white tigers, inbred a rare white tig he found with the tig’s own daughter to produce more.

This inbreeding continues today because people strangely believe a white, inbred tig is more beautiful. bit.ly/2AdVtWk

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Do you have any weird grudges? Mine is against the Roman Empire.

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Paying hourly fees to use my Atari ST and terminal app to dial up via 2400bps modem using tymnet to connect to a shell account and run text based apps to access WAIS/Gopher, FTP, USENET and email on a remote Sun3 server.

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Without dating yourself what’s the earliest Internet memory that you have?

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