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@LeoBurr@twitter.com is making a spinach lasagna for dinner noms. Into the oven it goes! ❄🐻👍

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I put cheap uncomfortable glasses on, was whisked away in a ride cart, was assaulted by large screens, smells and smoke, had water squirted in burrface and then was thanked for playing a role in saving something I knew nothing about.

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Describe your favorite ride badly.

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It makes Burrs happy to see folks, even later in life, finally buying and owning a home rather than renting forever. 🐻👍🏾

In other words, instead of, “Oh, I know nothing about that. I just use it and forget about it” try, “I don’t know much about that, but can you tell me a bit more? That might be useful to me later.”

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Sometimes, learning something that is not enjoyable for you is worthwhile for reasons that remain relevant to your interests, if for no other reason than practicality. Acting if that’s beneath you is passive-aggressively elevating your ignorance above actual knowledge.

There are many self-important morons out who think being ignorant is cute.

They’re too important to learn the basics about how things they use every day work, and act as if their lack of knowledge in some way makes them adorable.

“Oh, I just park my car and forget it exists!”

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For ask me anything about 🐲🐢 and I will give you my very informed stance and totally truthful answers

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Having access to change grades in the school computer. Being friends with both the geeks and the gangsters. And the teachers.

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What was y’all known for in HIGHSCHOOL???? Be honest

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Still cloudy, but managed a clearer handheld shot of tonight’s Sturgeon Moon.

A little cloudy, but Burrs got a pic of the Sturgeon Full Moon tonight.

I don’t remember the last time I’ve felt so wasted, but also felt like I was doing good, quality work. Actually having people tell me they appreciate me and that they’re glad I’m there on a regular basis is a nice pick-me-up.

Burrs wonders what happened to @ruciodonk@twitter.com. Burr’s feed is no longer full of Tesla Model 3 photos.

The kicker is that each of the 3 jobs I’ve hired for have been 6-figures.

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Burrs have now hired 3 people and Burrs have only been on the new job for 2 full weeks. Wow.

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