Burrs are all for people, even fathers, being given months of parental leave upon birth or adoption of a child.

But how about giving time off to folks who aren’t ever having kids? It’s not as if there are a shortage of people.

NOT having kids should be as rewarded as well.

To those who would argue that time for paternity leave isn’t a “reward”, I assert that not granting that time off would be akin to “punishment” for having a child as it harms the family.

Those of us without kids have families we’d like to spend more time doing things with, too

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When Mormons (I know several) have a kids every 10-12 months for 9+ years like clockwork, this recurring paid leave time is tantamount to religious bias in favor of those religions that want its members to have as many children as possible.

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When, for example, Mormons (I know several) have kids every 10-12 months like clockwork for 9-10 years, granting them paid and protected time off again and again is tantamount to religious bias towards religions that encourage its members to have as many babies as possible.

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