Nonstop Burr cooking. Cheddar cheese curd Mac and cheese and broccoli casserole.

Man, the DCDigital looks great with the Kuro 9G plasma. Crappy iPhone shot from burrs. Thanks to for the install.

Burrs got the job. Working remotely for the foreseeable future, starting on the 15th. It’s a sizeable raise over the old job with more responsibilities and a large team to manage. Burrs are excited.🐻🎉

International day at Burr’s. Palak paneer, pancit canton and crab and crawfish au gratin.


Some pics of the overclock and the thermal pads. These are toast most of the time so I always replace them with fresh one!


Highly recommend for RGB, HDMI, and classic console recapping services. He’s always done a great job with Burr consoles.


Fresh new caps, overclock method, new LED, power port and of course the obligatory DCDigital on this Sega Sports edition Dreamcast for! Along with all the other mods he had installed, this is one sweet DC!


Burrs are getting boring with meals. But Drumsticks with Penzey’s Sunny Paris Seasoning with sea salt, extra virgin olive oil sous vided over night with a quick bake and a broil with carbonada noodles with butter, parsley and sea salt is still nommaburrs.

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