Evidently, the intake air box cover is most of the 35hp performance difference between a Z4 sdrive35is and a 135i. Huh.

Time to retire the Benchmark DAC2 HGC. The new RME ADI-2 DAC FS is brilliant. Even if it has stupid high sample frequencies that no one needs like 768kHz.

I enjoy semi-building my PCs. No overclock on the CPU. Nothing blingy. Just a well sorted gaming workstation.

That feeling when you’re the hiring manager for a lucrative job, and a recruiter who treated you like garbage contacts you asking what they can do for you.

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@LeoBurr@twitter.com is making a spinach lasagna for dinner noms. Into the oven it goes! ❄🐻👍

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Still cloudy, but managed a clearer handheld shot of tonight’s Sturgeon Moon.

A little cloudy, but Burrs got a pic of the Sturgeon Full Moon tonight.

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