.@amazon@twitter.com doesn’t believe in QA as a practice connected to but independent from development. Explains a lot.

At least Half Price Books has the Bible section properly labeled. 🐻👍🏾

Burrs made a sugar free French toast and scrambled eggs for brekkies.

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Eddieburrs upgraded the Litter Robot so that it now has wifi. I will now get all information about kitteh pee and poop and get notifications when the litter Robot is full. 🐱🐱💩💩📶📳❄🐻

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I had no idea microwaveable tiggies were a thing. *tries with @Vanvidum*

. @GlynWolf@twitter.com Hey look, Puppy —they buy and sell LEGOS!!!

Burrs and Turtarus went to Torchy’s tacos. It’s almost like Pflugerville is a real town now.


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