Burrs did a thing for reasons that are not and may never be clear.

And another BurrMobile shot from yesterday’s photo shoot. 🚙🐻

Burrs did a drive through downtown Austin on a photoshoot with a local car club photographer. :)

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Today I went to the oncology department at Johns Hopkins and after 3 months of the possibility hanging over my head, I was told I do not have lung cancer. So here’s pictures of my lunch, no food has ever tasted better.

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And Apple said the 2017 13” MacBook Pro couldn’t have its RAM upgraded. Goodbye old 8GB logic board, hello new 16GB logic board. With properly applied thermal paste.

Behold, Burr’s new hypermasculine computer that will likely only be Burr’s for a few days.

After expanding one of the home RAID 6 SAS volumes, Burrs finally has room to store stuff. Time to do some LTO backups soon.

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@LeoBurr@twitter.com and I are taking a nice evening stroll around downtown Austin after nomming Chinese food. ❄🐻👍🏻

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Chile rellenos at Matt’s El Rancho with @HypoidBear@twitter.com

It’s half past midnight. Time for Teddy to knead burr bed.

Off to Hopdoddy for my manager’s going away lunch. It’s just him and me.

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A clear-eyed outside opinion:
It's unfathomable that the same people who wanted a president impeached over a blowjob are feigning outrage that the most corrupt conman in US history has just been impeached.
Is half the USA on crack?
Asking for the rest of the world.

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Cool find we picked up at a closing retro gaming store in Austin.

Performing Burrgery on yet another laptop. Evga with 6820k and 1070GTX. Needs thermal pasting, better thermal pads and its spinny disk replaced with a non-spinny disk.

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