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If you think it's crazy that there won't be any voters in the audience for tonight's debate, just wait until you hear that it's taking place in a theater that seats 1,000 people.

It'll be empty—no seats filled—because Abbott refuses to face those he's failed these last 8 years.

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Burrs, awake early, but back in Austin later tonight. 🐻🎉🎉

@Mare Burrs have p-nut butter for trade. Cronchy.

@Mare Burrs has been listening for over 40 years. The nickernicker Goddess had better hurry up else Burr is gonna ignore her and send her ass to the glue factory when she reveals herself to burrs. If it’s not within the next 30 fortnights. -Burrs has spoken

@Mare Where can I get a number? What number is she currently nickernickering to? I’m impatient burrs who has very many important things to do. I can only wait so long. And plus, the apples are going bad.

@Mare I’m listening. I even have apples, oats, and sugar cubes. Burrs hears no nickernicker whinny whinny.

@Mare Oh. Is she gonna nickernicker at Burrs?

@hypoidbear They should have gone there when Mei’s Crawfish was open. Let the punishment fit the crime.

It seems like a very large proportion of cat furries (big and little) are allergic to cats…

And soon to be Baltimore Burrs for another two weeks.

Burrs finally got a Tig. And it’s even the right color.

Burrhaps I should give up on tigs and start looking for leopards…

Burrs has just set up the cutest little failover cluster ever.

Only 4 more days until Baltimore Burrs. 🐻🎉

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Oh no. Prince Idiot is going to become King Idiot…

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