Looks like post-Covid, I’ll be visiting Baltimore at least 2-3 times per year. Any of my mutuals near there who might want to meet Burrs?

I suppose, if I’m looking at the bright side of things, I get to be bare burr-pawed every day at work. I’m not one of those who just goes around in boxers (or less) but it is nice not needing socks and shoes regularly.

I want to live in a world where I’m not super happy just because I hire a super qualified minority woman to work in tech.

But just now hiring one brings me that much closer to a world where it isn’t such a big deal.

One of the problems with having responsibilities and goals is that most furries I run into aren’t interested in discussing those subjects because not Dad Pr0n, video games, or anime’.


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It’s nice having a car that starts in first gear rather than having to kick down off the line to first from second. :P

Thank you xHP Flashtool.

I explained to a fur who built a PC using a great motherboard, CPU, and RAM, that using a HDD instead of an SSD and a meh GTX 1660 while bragging to Burrs about his “awesome” gaming rig is like him wanting Burrs to meet an “awesome” tig, then Burrs finding out it’s a white tig.

I’ve been on both sides of it. I had no clue how to get into “the system” that was stacked against me. But I had some opportunities and took advantage of them.

So, I empathize with folks who don’t catch a break. While I try to get the perpetually fortunate to not be so naive.

Because both of these /are/ truths from respective perspectives and experiences.

But both also cultivate mindsets that tend to resist the possibility of each truth not being universally true and unassailable.

One of the most frustrating things is hearing fortunate folks saying that everything happens for a reason and success is all about attitude and staying positive and unfortunate folks saying that the deck is stacked against them and they’re systematically unable to get a break.

I wonder how popular Pencil Break would’ve gotten if we had The Interwebs back then.


It’s Saturday morning, and burr bed is woefully low on tiggies. Please send one or five straight away.

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If you don’t enjoy the team you’re in, you don’t invite your friends to join you, even if they’re in a spot. It makes it worse for everyone.

If you do like your team, you want them to join you. We’re all at the same company, but my peers have difficulity recruiting.

Peer: I’ve had 3 jobs open for 4 weeks…no luck.

Burrs: I posted 2 jobs yesterday and have 5 phone screens set up as of today.

Peers: How?

Burrs: Recommendations from current team members.

Peers: Really?

Burrs: Evidently they’re really happy and want their colleagues here.

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