Will be avoiding twitter for the duration on whatever furry con. If you need Burrs, telegram.

Quote of the day: “Surprises only work in psychologically safe spaces.”

The more well-to-do folks I’ve known in my life have all driven the same car for years, well cared-for.

The folks who’ve needed the most attention and wanted to look well-to-do buy car after car after car or whichever shiny and are never happy and easily “bored."

It’s pretty easy to just buy new things all the time and show off the new shiny.

But I’ve got a lot more respect for people who drive the same car for years and years and keep it looking and running like new, or use the same tools for years because they take good care of them.

Again, just sharing useful info on platforms that ask for your payment info for an invoice and then give you no direct mechanism to revoke it for future invoices.

@WaveHQ@twitter.com If you have a disagreement with the invoicer, they are still welcome to bill you automatically via your card whether or not services are rendered and it is at the invoicer’s sole discretion as to whether they remove your payment info. You can file a chargeback. Wave does nothing.

Just a bit of advice. If anyone asks you to pay an invoice and allow recurring payments with @waveHq@twitter.com , don’t.

Wave requires that you contact the invoicer to remove your future authorizations and gives you no self-service mechanism to revoke the auth for services you do not want.

If you use a tiggy, you have a social obligation not to leave it in a worse state than you found it by cleaning up after yourself as necessary.

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Quote tweet this with your least controversial take

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Making salt/pepper/cayenne roasted pumpkin seeds, and roasting the pumpkin with olive oil, cinnamon and french thyme along with an onion and a shallot for some pumpkin soup.

😺✏ — In person. Definitely. I’m also one of those weird burrs who likes actually speaking on the phone or via video chat. curiouscat.me/LeoBurr/post/102

It gets dark too early now. More sun for Burrs pls. (Future summer Burrs will hate present burrs for saying this)

I use who.unfollowed.me so there's no hiding if you don't follow back or unfollow me. I will return the favor!

I work near the Apple campus in Austin. Local businesses are sending notices stating that they will be closed tomorrow in preparation for protests that they are permitting to occur on their nearby property.

Welcome to Austin, President Cheetoh. Might as well visit Cupertino.

Burrs made more fresh pumpkin pie. Pecan crust this time.

Burrs are likely attending cars and coffee Austin tomorrow with @HypoidBear@twitter.com to see all of the thousands of Mustangs and Chargers.

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Get out and vote! If you're in line by 8 p.m. you can vote!

Find your polling place at GeauxVote.com

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Buyer of my old brakes told me he wants to paint the calipers red and put Brembo logos on them since they’re Brembos. Asked why I painted mine the stock color instead of making them stand out.

Because Burrs doesn’t care to stand out and red is overplayed on calipers, my man.

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