Burrs didn’t anticipate the large number of folks on social media asking Burrs to hire them just because his new role has “Manager” in its title.

I get that COVID is a thing, but I haven’t even started yet, people. And these are folks I haven’t even talked to in 10-15 years.

Burrs did not expect the large number of folks on professional social media to ask Burrd for jobs before Burrs has even started just because Burrs has “Manager” in Burr title.

I mean, I get COVID. But folks I haven’t seen or spoken to in 15+ years.

Getting a set of Bilstein B12s done with control arms, bushings, mounts, etc. on the X5. At 150k miles, they’ve all done their time. And new tire time as well! @HypoidBear@twitter.com is helping with rear brakes on Saturday.

Gave my neighburr 2 jars of the honey merlot fig preserve I made. They were thrilled. And surprised I made it so quickly. They’ll be getting Burrs many more figs to make other goodies.

If only tigs were as readily available as figs.

Burrs still think “Pouches” is the best name for a male Kangaroo.

One of the advantages of being near Burrs is that you get access to a whole bevyof delicious home made noms. Nobody who leaves Burr home does so hungry. And often there are noms to take with.

Hrm. So nobody Burrs knows is in Baltimore. Shouldn’t be terribly surprised.

Nonstop Burr cooking. Cheddar cheese curd Mac and cheese and broccoli casserole.

Decided to make my Twitter private. There are only about 10-15 real living, breathing people who care to read what I say, and I’m not interested in performing in ways that would attract new followers. Welcome to a somewhat elite if not entirely consequential club.

Sully has now learnt that churring while beside me will get him pets from me. And churr-meowing some other way in the kitchen gets him roasted turkey.

I need my little kitty to stop training Burrs.

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