TV setup in the living room is looking nice. Curtains going up soon to block the glare from the kitchen window. 🐻👍🏾

Why I stopped playing Skyrim. CW mind horror. 

LeoBurr 2020: 🐻👍🏾


Your 2020 campaign slogan is your name, plus 2020, plus the last text you sent. Mine?

Tripp 2020: Yaaaaaaaaaay


You know things just got real when Burrs is now in second place in Ms. Pac-Man at the office and the first place engineer says he’s gonna go practice. ( < . . .

RT I liked the part where the guy couldn't get to work on time because "Updating ...."


Reminder: Burrs’ pronouns are Burrs/Burrs. 🐻👍🏾

Who knew that Tesla’s were like most Macbooks made today? Sleek appliances that are difficult to repair when a critical proprietary nand module that should be an off-the-shelf commodity fails.

Oh Mastodon, why did you have to base your install on Ubuntu, which defaults with IPV6 on and has a bug where IPV6 can't be disabled except in grub, and there are needless references to IP6 in the nginx conf file that break nginx once IPV6 is properly disables...

Lost a day or so worth of Mastodon posts...somehow I think life will go on.

And just as I thought was running well, Mastodon has to fuck up. Oh well…will try to get it resolved by tomorrow.

Who in Austin wants to join Burrs and friends for a game night?

(🦗 🦗 🦗)

Random Burr Fact:

Burrs first got on the Interwebs in 1991 and prior to that, was on an old online service, GEnie prior to that. Access to GEnie was $20/hr in 1989.

By 1995, Burrs founded a New Orleans area Internet Service Provider with a full T1 (1.544Mbit!) that was staffed by furries. We charged $20/month for dialup PPP/SLIP or $15/mo for dialup shell accounts.

Burrs was in both New Orleans City Business and had a 2 page article done on his early career in the Interwebs in 1997.

Random Burr Fact: My family/I have had more dogs than cats. Their names in order of age: Heidi, Walnut, Flower, Trixie, Gonzo, Spike, Chico, Bootsie, Rambo, Bub, Wally, Tuffy, Monster, Lancer.
Compared to cats: LC I, Orange, LC II, Cammy, Casey, Sammy, Mikey, Teddy, Sully, Ollie, Benji, Ellie, Tommy

All but 2 were stray/rescues.

Random Burr family fact: At one point, Burrs had family in New Orleans, New York City, Houston, Tx, LA/SF, DC, Liverpool England, Wilmington DE, Manila, and Hawaii. Hawaii, Liverpool, and Manila are the only places Burrs haven’t visited. And they’re on Burr’s list. Except Manila.

Random Burr Family fact: Aunt on my mother’s side posed naked for a playboy spread in 1982. She is still a well regarded actress today.

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