Just ordered my Some Guys LP. Thanks, @jonathancoulton@twitter.com !

.@amazon@twitter.com doesn’t believe in QA as a practice connected to but independent from development. Explains a lot.

At least Half Price Books has the Bible section properly labeled. 🐻👍🏾

That’s powdered allulose and allulose maple syrup. Buttermilk, eggs, Ceylon cinnamon, orange peel, almond, maple, vanilla extracts and lemon and orange emulsions with butter and 4 eggs. Low glycemic index bread.

Burrs made a sugar free French toast and scrambled eggs for brekkies.

I don’t ever want to see another tweet from furries who are constantly posting their happy fun con photos, fursuit pics, or commissions, eBegging for gofundme or kofi money to buy food to survive.

End to a long week. It’s odd working with a lot of people with nonexistent soft skills, but the furry fandom has long prepared Burrs for this.

Burrs are having qoons visit. :(

But not tigs.


It’s Wednesday afternoon. You know what that means, folks.

Time to send Burrs a tiggy.

Burt’s new workplace requires office tigs.

Burrs 2020 🐻👍🏾

RT @robinskyleigh@twitter.com

Your 2020 campaign slogan is: Your last name + 2020 + the last text you sent.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/robinskyleigh/stat

If you could swap lives with one person, who would it be? — I haven’t quite given up on my own life yet, no matter a tumor or back issues. Burrs perseveres. curiouscat.me/LeoBurr/post/923

Work granted Burrs a Mac. It’s a MacBook like my own, and slower. But a Mac nonetheless. Burrs are pleased. For now.

Day one was a success. Got my bear@ email, folks are calling me Bear now, except the CEO who's an old school conservative, and I've got some neat coworkers.

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