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Random fact about Burr family: My father’s side of the family founded The Charcoal Pit and The Dog House restaurants in/near Wilmington, Delaware. Obama famously visited the former in 2014 while Biden visited the latter.

So proud of the 7 active users on Mastodon :)

Who wants to go on a road trip adventure with Burrs?

And is now updated to Mastodon 3.0.1. Let's see if this runs any better. :)

Sometimes Burrs will type something out and then realize it’s garbage not worth posting and adds nothing to any discourse.

Then Burrs sees his feed with posts about double shark dicks, Pokemon, gainer goals, Tesla fanboying and pup play.

And then Burrs presses “Tweet” 🐻👍🏾

I later told my mother that I’m a burr. She told me that of course I was. My father was a bear and I take after him more than her pride of (crazy) lions. Then she walked away, shrouded by the shadows of all of the useless crap she loves to hoard, but not before offering food.

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I told my mother. She said she’d love me no matter what. I reiterated that I’m gay, not a serial murderer. I don’t need bodies hidden. Yet. Calm down, woman.

Told my father he wasn’t my father if he hadn’t figured it out. He said he knew and was just waiting for me to say it.


tell your coming out story:


Been on the proverbial work treadmill for the past few months and Burrs need a break.

Want to be able to start vacation planning soonish...

RT I am pizza and I want you a little more than I can get it for ya birthday party tonight.


Crawfish, shrimp and andouille jambalaya for me and and shrimp and crawfish jambalaya for

Type “I am a/an (insert species) and I want” and let center auto complete finish your sentence.

Mine: “I am a burr and I want a good night’s rest.”

Today is a good day to make....crawfish, shrimp and andouille jambalaya for lunch and pot roast for dinner.

Oil change by and off for Italian noms in the Austin hills. Nice day too!

Today is markedly deficient in tiggies on Burr’s lap for a Friday.

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