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How did a burr come to find he liked tigers? Was it a surprise? — How does one realize one likes anything?

In furry, I have an idealized version of something that has traits that make me happy/I find beautiful, and the harsh furr…

So, Wilford Brimley do you have the diabeetus? I ask because you're low-carbing it like your life depends on it! — Yes, Burrs is diabetic, like his father before him, who wasn’t overweight. I can’t control my genes, but I can cont…

“If it matters, you make time. If it doesn’t matter, you make excuses.”

At least new workplace is within walking distance to delicious salmon noms.

Time for cottage pie. Except creamed cauliflower and ground turkey. And lots of cheese.

The Some Guys LP looks damned snazzy. Sounds great, and a shout out to as well. 🐻👍🏾

Just ordered my Some Guys LP. Thanks, ! doesn’t believe in QA as a practice connected to but independent from development. Explains a lot.

At least Half Price Books has the Bible section properly labeled. 🐻👍🏾

That’s powdered allulose and allulose maple syrup. Buttermilk, eggs, Ceylon cinnamon, orange peel, almond, maple, vanilla extracts and lemon and orange emulsions with butter and 4 eggs. Low glycemic index bread.

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I don’t ever want to see another tweet from furries who are constantly posting their happy fun con photos, fursuit pics, or commissions, eBegging for gofundme or kofi money to buy food to survive.

End to a long week. It’s odd working with a lot of people with nonexistent soft skills, but the furry fandom has long prepared Burrs for this.

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