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Does burr use any hair product on the mane? — A little unshiny pomade. Some sandalwood beard oil.

Which teacher would you like to take lessons again? — I think I’d like Mrs. Peterson to take more lessons.

And for you to go back to grammar school.

While Impossible Burgers May be better for the planet and sustainability, they’re not much better than beef if at all for health reasons. Lots of sodium. Lots of processed protein.

But hey, it lets Vegetarians eat unhealthy and get fat too. 🐻👍🏾

I wonder how many places that offer Impossible Burgers cook them with dedicated grills/equipment.

Maybe they taste like real beef partially because they’re cooked beside real beef with real beef. Because I doubt a place who serves burgers will have a separate line for IB stuff.

It’s something to ponder. That our society collectively values a 16 year old’s ability to play a video game in a tourney for one day more than 10+ years worth of work from 3 STEM workers.

Which teacher would you like to take lessons again? — Life’s been the best teacher. The alcove of formal education should only be there for professional certs and to teach you to teach yourself rather than demanding info to be for…

What Furfags are at so Burrs can scrub you to death in SSF2TE or MK2? I’ve seen (and smelled) way too many people wearing tails for there not to be a fuckton here.

I knew one furry who was always going to land a $100k+ government job. But reliably continued buying and selling scrap electronics. If he told me he’d be over from noon to two, I could reliably expect him at 8-9 and he’d apologize that something happened with regularity. It wasn’t a constant source of tension since I just learned how to map his statements to eventual reality.

There are folks in this world who you’ll encounter regularly who you just learn to map their stated intentions to expected (and proven) reality. Their statements of what they intend to do are reliably more aspirational than what actually transpires. They may often demand full credit for not following through, instead, layering another noble goal atop it as compensation.

Why aren’t you my big handsome strong sexy daddy bear? — 1) Because I don’t know who you are, and 2) Because I’m not a “daddy.” And 3) Because reasons.

Productive day…but really need to be weekend Burrs.

If your language disappeared and you had to choose another language to speak, what would it be? — Tiglish

You are such a handsome big sexy daddy bear — You must phrase your answer in the form of a question.

What's a Burr's favorite place he's traveled to? — Costa Rica. Boston with my dad. Though my real favorite was a cross country trip from New Orleans to SoCal and back in 1991. Opened my young eyes to a yet to be homogenized countr…

So... behind closed doors, what’s the most dom or sub thing you’ll admit to? — An open Twitter account isn’t behind closed doors.

What is your favorite subject of questions you would like to receive here? — Tigs. Burrs. Kittehs. Noms. Photography. The hidden lives of Turtarus.

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