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You know things just got real when Burrs is now in second place in Ms. Pac-Man at the office and the first place engineer says he’s gonna go practice. ( < . . .

RT I liked the part where the guy couldn't get to work on time because "Updating ...."


Reminder: Burrs’ pronouns are Burrs/Burrs. 🐻👍🏾

Who knew that Tesla’s were like most Macbooks made today? Sleek appliances that are difficult to repair when a critical proprietary nand module that should be an off-the-shelf commodity fails.

Oh Mastodon, why did you have to base your install on Ubuntu, which defaults with IPV6 on and has a bug where IPV6 can't be disabled except in grub, and there are needless references to IP6 in the nginx conf file that break nginx once IPV6 is properly disables...

Lost a day or so worth of Mastodon posts...somehow I think life will go on.

And just as I thought was running well, Mastodon has to fuck up. Oh well…will try to get it resolved by tomorrow.

Who in Austin wants to join Burrs and friends for a game night?

(🦗 🦗 🦗)

Random Burr Fact:

Burrs first got on the Interwebs in 1991 and prior to that, was on an old online service, GEnie prior to that. Access to GEnie was $20/hr in 1989.

By 1995, Burrs founded a New Orleans area Internet Service Provider with a full T1 (1.544Mbit!) that was staffed by furries. We charged $20/month for dialup PPP/SLIP or $15/mo for dialup shell accounts.

Burrs was in both New Orleans City Business and had a 2 page article done on his early career in the Interwebs in 1997.

Random Burr Fact: My family/I have had more dogs than cats. Their names in order of age: Heidi, Walnut, Flower, Trixie, Gonzo, Spike, Chico, Bootsie, Rambo, Bub, Wally, Tuffy, Monster, Lancer.
Compared to cats: LC I, Orange, LC II, Cammy, Casey, Sammy, Mikey, Teddy, Sully, Ollie, Benji, Ellie, Tommy

All but 2 were stray/rescues.

Random Burr family fact: At one point, Burrs had family in New Orleans, New York City, Houston, Tx, LA/SF, DC, Liverpool England, Wilmington DE, Manila, and Hawaii. Hawaii, Liverpool, and Manila are the only places Burrs haven’t visited. And they’re on Burr’s list. Except Manila.

Random Burr Family fact: Aunt on my mother’s side posed naked for a playboy spread in 1982. She is still a well regarded actress today.

Random fact about Burr family: My father’s side of the family founded The Charcoal Pit and The Dog House restaurants in/near Wilmington, Delaware. Obama famously visited the former in 2014 while Biden visited the latter.

So proud of the 7 active users on Mastodon :)

Who wants to go on a road trip adventure with Burrs?

And is now updated to Mastodon 3.0.1. Let's see if this runs any better. :)

Sometimes Burrs will type something out and then realize it’s garbage not worth posting and adds nothing to any discourse.

Then Burrs sees his feed with posts about double shark dicks, Pokemon, gainer goals, Tesla fanboying and pup play.

And then Burrs presses “Tweet” 🐻👍🏾

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