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Homemade pumpkin pies. Made Penzey’s pumpkin spice whipped cream, too.

Burrs are making fresh roasted vanilla spice pumpkin custard pie tonight.

While, yes, times are different and it’s more difficult to break free, and arbitrary life goals are arbitrary, at least acknowledge how lucky you are if your parents let you stay in the nest after repeated failures to launch. They’re part of the older generation you bitch about.

The notion that an older generation are assholes because they feel that independence is a virtuous goal is pretty much bullshit.

The privileged are the ones who /have/ homes they can live in forever while playing video games/streaming, and otherwise contributing little.

The thought of it “being okay” to go home later in life or stay home until you’re in your mid to late 20s is foreign to me. My parents could barely support themselves and my mother mandated I find a way to pay my share if I was to stay.

It was sink or swim. I had to swim.

Curious thought. I think of places I’ve lived in the past as “home” like one of the houses I grew up in. But neither is home now, obviously. I never felt that either of my parents’ homes were also my home. So after they divorced and Burrs moved out at 17, I could never go “home.”

And...Burrs is going to be in Orlando for a vacation with and early next year in a vacation rental home. :)

*noms’s face, since it’s been a while*

TV setup in the living room is looking nice. Curtains going up soon to block the glare from the kitchen window. 🐻👍🏾

LeoBurr 2020: 🐻👍🏾


Your 2020 campaign slogan is your name, plus 2020, plus the last text you sent. Mine?

Tripp 2020: Yaaaaaaaaaay


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