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Now, these open air centers where offices and apartments mix with shops and restaurants are popular. The irony is that’s what the original mall concept was. Except it was more profitable for decades to instead make it retail-centric only. Now we get the old concept without A/C.

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A common pastime I’m seeing people my age do often is visit malls that were a hub of our social lives around the holidays and summer and lament that they’re either dying or dead. While an arcade in your pocket and same day delivery is great, it was very nice to get off your ass.

Burrs now has two MacBook Pros that Burrs have refurbished for sale. A top of the line 2015 15.4” with R9 370X graphics, 16GB and a 1TB Samsung Evo 970 Plus with 8 battery cycles and a 2017 13” 8GB/256GB with 4 battery cycles.

Busy past few days for Mac Reburrbishment. 🐻👍🏾

And Burrs has to sell another MacBook Pro. Which one gets voted off the island?

RT and I are taking a nice evening stroll around downtown Austin after nomming Chinese food. ❄🐻👍🏻


Burrs, harshing mellows with inconvenient facts since 1979.

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At lunch yesterday, someone beside me at Hopdoddy ordered an impossible burger. I asked my cashier if the impossible burgers were cooked on their own dedicated grill away from the beef fat.

He said no. Just like EVERYONE else.

Person beside me changed their order. 🐻👍🏾

Off to Hopdoddy for my manager’s going away lunch. It’s just him and me.


A clear-eyed outside opinion:
It's unfathomable that the same people who wanted a president impeached over a blowjob are feigning outrage that the most corrupt conman in US history has just been impeached.
Is half the USA on crack?
Asking for the rest of the world.


I used to buy hundreds of dollars worth of cards and keepsakes at and watched all the time, so hearing they caved to Conservatives and dropped an ad featuring lesbians is crushing.

Who am I kidding, I never watched or bought your crap. Go bankrupt.

Performing Burrgery on yet another laptop. Evga with 6820k and 1070GTX. Needs thermal pasting, better thermal pads and its spinny disk replaced with a non-spinny disk.

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