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Disney tickets ordered. The rat has my money…but marginally less than they would have if my previous employer didn’t still let me have their discounts.

All of the tiggies in Burr’s life eventually end up being non-tiggies.

Why? There need to be more tiggies.

Buying Disney tickets, probably tonight. This is probably the best planned vacation I’ve done so far. With plenty of time to shuffle things around and do unplanned activities as well.

After spending some time typing on a 16” MacBook Pro, Burrs believes the changes were made for reliability, not honestly typing feel. The keys feel very much like snappy butterfly keys with longer travel. ‘s Alienware 13R3 is still subjectively much nicer to type on.

Was WorkBurrs for over 12 hours yesterday. Time to get up and be WorkBurrs for another 8.

Then hopefully have more time to play with the new laptop.

Burrs get to replace the failing CRT in the workplace Ms. PacMan with a Wells-Gardner LCD.

I am the highest-paid coin-op repairburrs ever.

I’m old enough to remember when vehicle designers made headlight bulbs and turn signals easy to service for the average burrson.

Now they’re all designed as a sadistic game to be played by touch-inclined contortionists with small hands. More fun with halogens in tight spaces.

RT Ah yes, the old days when "edgy" was "squicking the mundanes"


“Mundane” as a reference to folks with jobs and responsibilities used in the pejorative seems to have fallen into disuse. I’m sure more “clever” terms have taken its place.

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GreyMuzzle Memory: Telling furs at gatherings that I was a “mundane” and instantly having them repulsed and cease all communication without hesitation. 🐻👍🏾

Finishing up prep work for the Orlando vacation. Looks like our first run will be to Costco to get all the supplies. I also need to make sure the princess room is spotless and ready for

Burrs did a drive through downtown Austin on a photoshoot with a local car club photographer. :)

The reason Burrs don’t want kids is because Burrs already ate.


The reason I don't want kids is because I can't - literally - stand the sound of babies crying. If I hear one, I turn my earphones up to a sometimes painful volume to drown it out, if on TV I change channel. I otherwise think I might be an ok mother but I guess we'll never know


"I’ve just upgraded the SSD in a modern MacBook.” Something Burrs will likely never say again after today.

Egg: French omelette with Brie
Steak: Medium Rare
Milk: Whole/low carb (Mootopia)
Alcohol: No thanks
Warm drink: Matcha Green Tea.
Tigs: In Burr Bed


Egg: Poached or over easy
Steak: Rare. Scare it with the fire.
Milk: Skim.
Alcohol: Gin, Whiskey, Port
Warm Drink: Coffee. Black.



Today I went to the oncology department at Johns Hopkins and after 3 months of the possibility hanging over my head, I was told I do not have lung cancer. So here’s pictures of my lunch, no food has ever tasted better.


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