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From a legal perspective, there really is no good reason to make the extreme argument that abuse of power is not impeachable unless your client engaged in abuse of power.



And frosted shortbread cookies.


Your fursona is a shopkeeper! What do they sell?


How appropriate that Burrs set up a trip to Disney World in the year of the rat.

When, for example, Mormons (I know several) have kids every 10-12 months like clockwork for 9-10 years, granting them paid and protected time off again and again is tantamount to religious bias towards religions that encourage its members to have as many babies as possible.

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When Mormons (I know several) have a kids every 10-12 months for 9+ years like clockwork, this recurring paid leave time is tantamount to religious bias in favor of those religions that want its members to have as many children as possible.

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To those who would argue that time for paternity leave isn’t a “reward”, I assert that not granting that time off would be akin to “punishment” for having a child as it harms the family.

Those of us without kids have families we’d like to spend more time doing things with, too

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Burrs are all for people, even fathers, being given months of parental leave upon birth or adoption of a child.

But how about giving time off to folks who aren’t ever having kids? It’s not as if there are a shortage of people.

NOT having kids should be as rewarded as well.

Sully has gotten into the habit of laying on the edge of Burr Bed, waiting for Burrs to lay on his back, then walking over, resting between Burrs and Burr Arm, with his head on Burr shoulder, and purring loudly.

It means he wants snacks.

It’s a tragedy that a wonderfully cold and stormy morning when Sully decides its snuggle time, purring away is wasted as Burrs has to instead get up and drive into the office. Because

Hopefully, lots more pics of happy fun times and noms being posted here in a monthish. Burrs certainly has the tech gear ready.

There’s no such thing as distractions when you have no set goals.

I’m done with this week already. Bring on Friday night.

Few things are more infuriating on my commute than assholes in sporty cars putting people who are just trying to get to work at risk by initiating a high speed mating/dominance dance with another sporty car that is just going with the flow of traffic. Schtahhp.

If cars were sold like MacBook Pros on eBay:


(*1982 Corvette, 290,000 miles with air conditioning)

Burrs enjoy being toxic in the same way that soap is toxic to dirt, antibiotics are toxic to harmful bacteria, and is toxic to an all you can eat buffet.

Good morning, Twitterwebs. I am Sunday Morning Burrs.

Sunday morning Burrs who is thinking about dim sum.

This is one of the 50 times of the year that Burr’s feed gets littered with ‘s dorky 📰🐻 Fursuit pics.

If you need more mindless saccharine in your life, Burrs suggest following him. 🐻👍🏾

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