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Tired of morons saying this is a government-made virus designed to strip our freedoms and force limited gatherings of folks/businesses to close.
Oh honey. It only the world’s governments down to city level were so coordinated. PRIVATE COMPANIES are doing what’s best on their own.

Welp, looks like the Toto Washlet will more than pay for itself. listened to Burrs and got one so he’s good, too.

And now the meager 20mbits up the office has becomes a huge bottleneck. At least everything Burrs does is low bandwidth.

Allowing capable workers to work from home starting now != “fear and panic”

Diagnosis of just one remote capable person in an office full of remote capable workers == fear and panic.

Leaders who make decisive actions to get ahead of the curve are going to be tomorrow’s heroes. Leaders in the workforce with remote-capable workers who wait for all of the dots to line up before acting out of fear of “acting early” are unnecessarily putting folks at risk.

Received a slack from the CEO of my company that, since all of us are equipped to work from home, we must do so.

Considering how virulent this thing is, this seems to be a prudent first step towards containment. Some folks HAVE to be on-site and this helps protect them, too.

And quit being gross and touching your face without paw washing. Burrs need to nom that, too.

Be like Puppy here. Wash your paws when you get up, befire bed, before you eat, after you eat, with every breath you take and every move you make, every vow you break, wash dem paws.

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There are several diabetics among my close family and friends. Not to mention seniors and other vulnerable populations. I suspect 99% of people do. Wash your hands, people, and stop touching your face. Do it for them. ❤️



"Victims" of the koopronavirus report being pleased with their new shells


I’m not as afraid of Biden getting elected as I am that the dissemination of un-fact-checked right-generated doctored media that plays to cofirmation-bias by “Bernie-or-Die” folks on the left can ultimately aid in a Trump re-election.

If it plays to your biases, check it twice.

I’m not nearly as afraid of Biden getting elected as I am Trump getting re-ejected.

The propagation of right-doctored media playing to confirmation bias being thrown around without fact checking on the left coupled with the bile really is ultimately helping the right.

CEO of Burr’s little company just gave everyone a $150 reimbursable allowance (with receipt) to dine out at local Austin restaurants to help mitigate the cancellation of .

Or at least an ID card showing your assigned birth gender matches the required criteria even if it’s just temporary until you get your new ID.

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Legit question for my Trans friends.

Is it ever okay if you’re a trans man or woman, to go someplace that is designated for the opposite sex of your identity because there’s something enjoyable that you want to experience there and you have the physical bits to permit entry?

. snd I stopped by our usual Dim Sum spot on the hunch that people hunkering down and ignorance of Corona / Covid-19 would mean fewer people getting dim sum.

We weren’t disappointed. Place was mostly empty. Burrs were there supporting them by buying noms anyway.

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