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Burrs went on a drive around the track at Circuit of The Americas today with for the Texas Food Bank Food Drive after being donationburrs.

Happy Burrthday to !! ❄️🐻🎉🎉

Please send tigs for my Burrthday today.

Burrs appreciate ya.



Time to get some camo, an overly accessorized Bullet Bill launcher, and lots of pouches so I can look tactikoop


Being that I’m Alex Jones’s neighburr in Austin, I cordially invite him to eat my burr ass. 🐻👍🏾

Bring that I’m ‘s Alex Jones’s neighburr, living in Austin, I cordially invite him to eat my burr ass.

Being that I don’t live too far from’s Alex Jones, as his neighburr, I’d like to cordially invite him to eat my burr ass. ’s Puffin is the only piece of kit in my vinyl setup that constantly improves without me having to fiddle with new hardware. In its latest beta fw, it has rumble mitigation, a feature that detects and mitigates pops and clicks, /and/ has a vinyl quality grader. 🐻👍🏾

Not sure why, but Twitter has lost a lot of its luster for me. I used to enjoy a variety of interactions, but I’m just not getting much out of it anymore.

Hear that, tiggies out there? Purple-haired Lady has spoken.

RT Aw. You deserve a Tiggy.


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