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Conventional wisdom in conjunction with confirmation bias can be one hell of a feel good drug.

Zero effort required to understand where it came from, how, or if it’s still relevant today, while able to cite others confirming it to be true with either unfounded or archaic bases.

Tonight is a night for getting belly rubbed to sleep. Burrs are wide awake at almost 3AM.

I get that some folks get into a spot and need help sometimes. We all do, and help from friends gets us by.

But when eBegging is literally part of your social media profile, it may be time to re-evaluate priorities.

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Burrs have found that the classiest furs on Twitter are those who are selling nothing but have a cashapp address in their profile. In case you feel like helping them buy another fursuit, commissions or video games for them to post about between complaints of being short on rent.

Sous vided drumsticks with butter, lemon juice and white wine with this new Penzey’s mix. Burrs support progressive companies.

Did a drive to Dallas/Ft. Worth with - stopped at Micro Center that was spraying hands at entry with lines 6ft apart in the aisles. Then got noms at Chamas do Brazil, like Fogo de Chao, but better. Only 3 parties there.

Nice drive there and back with PolarCubs.

16 year-old me didn’t give a damn about cars.

41 year-old me drives a lightly and tastefully modded 11 year old BMW 135i and 9 year old X5 35i. And is perfectly content.


16 year old me wanted a TVR Cerbera too. 4.2 V8.

28 year old me is happy with 20 year executive saloons & performance estates - 156 & 9-5 Aero.


Homemade red velvet cupcakes for hatchday.

Tonight is Burrger night at Burr’s. Have the Burr. Now just need the (ti)ger. :)

Sous viding the burgers before broiling ‘em. :)

Everyone wish a happy hatch day. 🐢🎉🎉

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