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2/2 the company want to hire him without reservation as a manager when the next opportunity arrives.

At the end of our talk, he told Burrs, “One more thing before we sign off - I see why they chose you over me. And I completely agree with their decision."

Thing that made my day today.

Someone at my new company was a competitor for the job when I applied.

Today was our first 1:1 with him as my direct report.

I told him that I’d mentor him and give him the training he deserves. It’s my personal goal to make 1/2

Day 2 of work - Have successfully gotten everyone at new job to call me “Bear.” 🐻👍🏾

Outlook, Slack, Confluence/JIRA, and all other tools properly recognize as well.

I really hope I can continue to grow my team with WFH Engineers. There are so many talented folks I know all over the country who would do such a killer job. Maybe that’ll be a good COVID legacy. But for now…starting work tomorrow, and learning the ropes. :)


Please, if you follow @/Rezende_furry consider unfollowing him...
He steals arts from other artists without credit and he even made a patreon to post his stolen art!!
He has no morals whatsoever...
This kind of actions hurt real artists that are trying to make a living of it.


Main home server had some major issues. Luckily, Burrs had a spare motherboard and array controller. I’m anything but happy about it, but at least it’s up and running.

This locked account stuff is pretty great. I can post art of burrs and still lose followers! :D

Burrs helped out with his kittykitty needs and got this commission. When it comes to kitty health, Burrs Approves. And Moo did a great job, too!

Just went into the back yard and plucked 3 perfectly ripe and plump figs off the neighbor’s tree branches that are in our yard for Burr snack.

Sometimes it’s the simple things. :)

Or, another rando.

<RandoTig> I saw on SITE X that you like tigers.
<Burrs> Yes, I very much am a fan of tigs.
<RandoTig> Well...I’m a tiger.
<Burrs> I’ve noticed from your 30 avatar pics.
<RandoTig> Do you like me?
<Burrs> I don’t really know you.
<RandoTig> But I’m a tiger!

Rando Furries messaging Burrs on Telegram.

RandoFur: Hi, I’m a cat.
Burrs: I’m a LionBurr.

I imagine this happening in RL.

Person 1: Hi, I am a human.
Person 2: Coincidentally, I too am a human.

Have something more to say than your character species, please. :P

Burr cut tonight. helps with X5 brakes tomorrow. New X5 tires on Monday.

New job starts Wednesday. Busy upcoming week for Burrs. Gotta make the weekend last.

It’s been so long since Burrs has been back to his cubhood home of Southeastern Louisiana that he’s almost forgotten why he left.

Burrs needs to visit again to be reminded. After the plague.

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