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Burrs Feex Ms. Pac-Man. Nevermind the sloppy exposed wires. The connectors are offset vertically.

LionBurrs are the way to get the stuff done that you need to.


🔥 Type ‘[your species] are’ and let auto-fill roast you.

Bunnies are such amazing idiots


Who else does Burrs know in Orlando besides ?

Burrs have booked a large vacation home with hot tub/pool in Kissimmee for for our vacation, and we’ve reserved the butterfly princess room for for when he slums with us.

Many good noms and fun games will be played.

🐻🎉 Time to fumigate the guest room. All the guest rooms ever. Do what? :)

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We have successfully deported

He’s a bit derpy, but he’ll do just fine in the fandom.

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Last night would’ve made for a good YouTube video. 5 guys, 1 extremely frustrated and sex-deprived fox.

We got more compliments on the Koopa Halloween house theme from parents than kids. Free The Purple-Haired Lady! 🐻🗳

RT I'm pretty sure you have me muted, for which I hardly blame you, because I say things like, "I appreciate you so much!" and I suspect that got creepy after a while. Sorry! Still love ya! I'm harmless, just annoying.


Burrs: (after having set up a 5 node NVMe cluster): Bears are with Cluster!

Coworker: Yes, but who’s the initiator?

Burrs: I didn’t want to just come out with it, but the CRCs came back, and, well, it’s you.

(Meeting room bursts out in laughter) Oh, geeky storage humor.

Almost time to send these guys off for powder coating, new seals, then finally replacing the 135i’s smaller 6 pots and rotors with these and larger rotors. 🐻👍🏾

Burrs need tiggies to come over and help nom all these noms.

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