I talk in my sleep. Apparently last night I said in a serious voice; "The purple bears are stealing the potatoes." I'm sure there's deep meaning in this.

I lost my virginity to a different person who was supposed to be a good fit for the position.

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Type "I lost my virginity to" and let your keyboard expose you

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This is a beautiful metaphor for WeWork overall.

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My friend’s entire company is locked out of their WeWork office because an umbrella fell, jamming the door.

No one can figure it out. It’s been like this for 2 days.

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A petting zoo for senators sounds like the latest capital scandal.

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It's called Penguin Cupcakes. Kids try it at parties, next thing they know they're at a petting zoo gettin' paid to take polaroids of senators.

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The secret to a great wine and cheese event French wine connoisseurs don't want you to know.

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Everything I need for a party

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It's not necessary to prosecute some people for this tough, since they end up stepping through a thin crust and getting flash boiled.

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18 USC §1865 & 36 CFR §7.13(j) make it a federal crime to walk off a boardwalk in a thermal area of Yellowstone.


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A day we offer in tribute to the most fearsome and awe-inspiring of creatures, that they may yet allow us all another year of life.

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Raise your hand if you’re ready for this Saturday!!

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Has anyone tried deep-frying the tomato sauce?

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Person: Would you like to eat 6 string cheeses in a row?
Me: Naw.
Person: We deep fried em and there will be tomato sauce.
Me: Oh, ok, yes.

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What amuses me about this is the implicaton Milo has been reduced to trying to provoke furries for grifting money. Things must be bad for him.

Clearly I've been behind the times when I didn't know this was boiling over. No surprise about the outcome, though. It's the only way things could end with Yiannopoulos.

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Self-registration for our event does not imply a given individual’s presence is condoned or appropriate.

Our full statement is below, along with a link to our Code of Conduct: furfest.org/code-of-conduct

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Alright, @lawyerpwny@twitter.com, as a New York attorney, I'm sure you understand the basis for this crime. It must come up all the time.

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7 USC §7734 & 7 CFR §301.85(b)(11) make it a federal crime to leave New York with a used burlap bag.

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"Report to the ship as soon as possible. We'll bang, okay?"

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Be savage to me strongly, commander

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"Report to the ship as soon as possible. We'll bang, okay?"

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Be savage to me strongly, commander

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For those of you that speak Italian, yes I do enjoy my pasta in the style of a prostitute.

Romantic tip: Gauge the strength of your relationship by seeing if they kiss you after you order linguini alla puttanesca. If anchovy, garlic, and olive breath doesn't put them if, they're the one.

The Japanese shouldn't blame me though. @ncpack2010@twitter.com and @semperfitrex@twitter.com are the ones who brought the game to my attention.

Note to self: No matter how desperate the situation, you cannot silence coastal batteries by ramming them with the one damn ship that ALWAYS got the signals wrong.

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