This is a fox that has opened doors to a kitchen or a pantry before!


Foxes with threatening auras:



BEHOLD! Oregon! We've made it with only the loss of poor Although might also still be disease ridden. I still say I didn't get enough bullets.

While we're struggling on the final leg of our journey, is helping by getting a snakebite.

We made it to the Dalles. At this point, it's a race against time to get to Oregon before our poor health kills us.

Our good luck couldn't hold forever. caught typhoid fever. Some laudanum should keep him happy for a while.

We're getting close. So close. If we just don't starve to death on the way...

HOW IS IT IMPASSABLE. I demand to speak to this trail's manager!

FINALLY. Fort Boise at last! I just spent $90 on a pair of oxen, which was almost 10% of the money we have left.

And now we're down TWO oxen. Hopefully I can buy some at the fort, otherwise two of us are going to have to help pull.

Unfortunately, has come down with a fever. I'm going to administer more cowbell as the traditional remedy dictates.

We're on our way to Fort Boise, but SOMEONE fell asleep on watch, and slept so hard they didn't notice a thief stealing an ox. WHICH ONE OF YOU WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ON WATCH?

We're going to hire some locals to help get across the river. Fortunately, is dead, so they can take his clothing!

We've made it to the Snake River crossing! But our health is poor because there was either very little or bad water along the way. Somehow no one got cholera (again).

I'm going to buy more food now that we're safely at Fort Hall.

Yes, now that we're at Soda Springs, why not bathe in our source of drinking water? That'll cure the cholera for sure.

I'm worried about our food, and went hunting. Luckily, I managed to shoot down a bear! ...Which turned out to the the skinniest bear in all of existence. And NOBODY helped me carry the meat back to the wagon. Ingrates.

In my infinite wisdom as wagon leader, we're going to take the ferry.

We're going to head for the Green River crossing, since there's nothing we need at Fort Bridger.

In a miracle of staggering proportions, absolutely NOTHING happened between Independence Rock and South Pass.

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