I recall a story about one aquarium discovering that an octopus would wait until nighttime to crawl into the next door tank to eat crabs, hide the evidence, and then crawl back home.

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It's fascinating to work with animals in captivity, because we can learn a lot; physiological data that can't be collected from wild individuals. Veterinary care. The fact that sometimes moving a stick that an eel liked a lot will result in them having a tantrum for six months

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It can wait until tomorrow.

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Caption this with the last text you've sent

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Youthful dumbassery is expected. This goes a step too far.

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I hate living in an Onion article

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We have been created to suffer.

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A match made somewhere other than heaven.

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There's definitely a market for this game.

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what if metal gear but it's a raccoon simulator

not like a sly cooper thing, i mean like a realistic raccoon who needs to extract garbage and shiny things

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Remarkably, they're still sticking to this.

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Florida State University β€œwill return to normal policy and will no longer allow employees to care for children while working remotely.”

What fresh hell is this?


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There are weirder things on the internet already.

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The Boston area NEEDS to get a handle on this QUICKLY.

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So far this afternoon moving into my neighborhood were a couple dozen college students. Among the license plates I saw on parents' cars: Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana, Florida, Texas, California. One group catching up just made indoor lunch plans for a restaurant. We're fucked.

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Cog-head rats? What's going on on Mars these days?

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Small ratchanicus portrait for patron and their (unpainted) ratchanicus minis it's based on πŸ€
Despite the pose I don't think it counts as sailor moon redraw but the vibe it there

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How is this man considered mentally competent?

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President Trump repeats to Fox Business that he still believes coronavirus will "disappear" at some point.

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"Hold this and don't move."

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What’s something you could say both during sex and while cooking?

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Following procedure is key to maintaining a safe working environment for everyone.

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Salary range of $30,000-35,000 per year.

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I’m hiring a ROCKSTAR DEVELOPER who has 10+ years of experience, a MA/PhD in computer science, at least one successful exit, and is under 20.

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This is a truly remarkable headline. Hopefully the vehicle will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

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A vehicle transporting Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds struck a Black Lives Matter protester Tuesday as the protester was intentionally blocking the car's path. Story with @sgrubermiller@twitter.com desmoinesregister.com/story/ne

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What do thousands of potatoes rotting in a giant hole smell like?

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Take me to the potato hole

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Is this a choose all that apply thing, or just the most important one?

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Double-divorce, at least.

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This is grounds for divorce in several religions

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Disirregardlessly, it's what we should have expected.

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It was a good run, English language

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We have been ROBBED of the pokemon we all needed and DESERVED.

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Lost Pokemon of the Day: Kotora family

These electric tigers were created during Gen 1's development, but ended up getting cut. A few years later, they were planned to return in Gen 2... but sadly, got cut again.

(Photo descriptions & more info continued in thread below) (1/5)

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