When my character was in this situation, he only set the orc overseer on fire, and encouraged the kobolds to surrender. Which they promptly did to my scary gnome cleric.

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GM: You see a kobold in a corner of the chamber, poking a rock with a stick

Wizard: I cast fireball

GM: The kobold raises it's stick. Countering your fireball. The kobold cast fireball. You take 47 points of damage.
You go unconscious.

Wizard: Wh...

GM: How does it feel.

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Okay, I wasn't totally stunned by the British exit polls, but THIS stuns me.

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McDonnell on the BBC trying to say it’s all Brexit. But that doesn’t explain how Boris Johnson is more trusted than Jeremy Corbyn on the NhS

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This is more than I thought they'd get. Brutal for Labour, but not wholly surprising.

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Con: 368 (+51)
Lab: 191 (-71)
SNP: 55 (+20)
LDem: 13 (+1)

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...I think I may need a lawyer next year.

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search your name and the second gif to come up and thats how 2020 will be for you🀭

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NO. BAD YOTES. Don't make me get the newspaper!

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Man Relaxing His Overwhelming Anxiety For Just A Moment Finally Gives Pack Of Coyotes The Opening They Need trib.al/lNRrgPn

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A very special episode of Sesame Street.

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@Vanvidum@twitter.com Now I want to see an episode where only Big Bird can see the Bloodletters.

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Any guesses as to what Connecticut pie is made of? Google has failed.

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Dear Sante: I want a engine, nuts, and connecticut pie. good bi. -Cornelius p.s. you make them googoo eyes but i eat connecticut pie


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Cats have been doing this ever since there was ink and something to write on.

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something coming this weekπŸ‘€πŸ‘€βœ¨ stay tuned!

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No more than what any of us expected, really.

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New β€˜Sesame Street’ Character Shudders To Life As Producers Complete Ritual To Imprison Damned Soul Within Puppet trib.al/1wm81kB

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Vanvidum is a very old name by internet standards, but is only my second. My first name will remain lost to the abyss for all time, no matter what torture I must endure.

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what was your first internet name you went by... mine was aangie, taken directly from the kyoshi island episode of ATLA

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Today's top question: EEL TAXES.

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So you're a medieval landlord, collecting property rent from your peasants in eels. How do you measure them?

Eels were usually counted in units called sticks (25 eels) -- likely from the number of eels you can smoke on a stick at one time. 10 sticks of eels was called a bind.

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When you make a mistake at work, always remember that it probably wasn't really that bad by comparison.

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December 12, 1959: The explosive bolts holding a Titan-1 to the launch pad set off the self-destruct safety charges in the first stage. Technicians placed the charge relay too close to a vibration-prone area, triggering a detonation when the bolts holding the rocket down blew.

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Reclining next to a swarm of crabs is just asking to be devoured in the style of a horror movie.

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As they have no natural predators, an estimated 43 million red crabs migrate across Christmas Island during the breeding season each year.

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One of the wolves might actually be a coyote.

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Inside every man is two wolves. One of them is like "Get Mexican food at 1AM" and the other is like "No don't." This is a terrible metaphor.

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Don't wear clown noses around hooded seals.

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Male Hooded Seals have an inflatable nasal membrane that expands like a red balloon to attract females. The rules are simple and straight forward. The male with the biggest balloon wins.
(Photo: Doug Allen)

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As I have said: Birds are agents of chaos, and they know it.

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How many parts do you have to replace in Theseus' phone before you've just replaced his phone?

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Anyone fancy a flamed X? It fell into a firepit, but customer wants it repaired anyway...

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Modern students, especially of the humanities and liberal arts, don't learn nearly enough geometry. Plato is frowning at all of you.

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Can a triangle have three right angles? Yes, on a curved space like a sphere. This is also one of the reasons we know the Earth is round buff.ly/2qEwKpQ

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