TIL that both the Phoenix and the Roc are mythological birds. I had always thought they were real birds that we had layered mythology on top of, like the Raven. My whole world has turned upside down!

I just want to clarify the kind of musical theatre hipster I am: I disliked Les Mis *before* Ben Shapiro ruined it.

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this is what finally broke me

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There’s a cautionary tale in here for all of us. When we allow public discourse to spread lies about trans and enby folk without consequence, those lies are then used to justify action against them. The UK is not alone in fostering this harmful and dangerous environment.

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UK's biggest LGBT+ groups condemn BBC for 'breaching impartiality' after it quietly cut ties with trans charities pinknews.co.uk/2020/07/31/bbc-

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Glad to see so many positive early reviews of Muppets Now

Excited to see it this Friday!

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The Fandom was a fun documentary. I especially appreciated the attempt to retell the fandom’s origins with interviews and archival footage. I was there for some of what they were describing but didn’t see half that stuff!

Yes, it was made for heterosexual *women*. Media that caters to their gaze is so rare that we treat it like it’s from another planet.

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This ad was made for β€” and I cannot stress this enough β€” a heterosexual audience twitter.com/adamjmoussa/status

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I just rewatched The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984) today and only when Ed Koch made a surprise cameo did it finally click that this movie was filmed at the height of the HIV/AIDS crisis. Koch himself was accused of mayoral negligence in the face of so much suffering and death.

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If you’re still wearing a mask when you go out, please retweet this tweet. I would just like to see how much common sense is still out there.

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Utter lie. Pride parades were created to fight back against police abuse. The police have become better supporters of SOME marginalized groups since then, but pride exists DESPITE cops, not because of them.

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Tainted Love (1964) - Gloria Jones
Tainted Love (1982) - Soft Cell
Tainted Love (2001) - Marilyn Manson

Sound off: who should do the 2021 cover and in what style?

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Media outlets vow to say Edmonton's CFL team 'formerly known as [racist name]' for at least three decades

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Canadian media outlets join forces to identify and interview every single football fan that doesn't want to change Edmonton's CFL team name

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Tainted Love (1964) - Gloria Jones
Tainted Love (1982) - Soft Cell
Tainted Love (2001) - Marilyn Manson

I prophesy a new cover in 2021!

Hot take: Gloria Jones’ version is still the best, then Marilyn Manson’s, then Soft Cell’s.

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If the number of ones in the binary code of an integer is odd (e.g., 4 is 0100), the integer is called odious. If the number of ones is even (e.g., 3 is 011), it is called evil. If two evil integers are consecutive, they are called evil twins: e.g., 5 and 6 are evil twins.

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I don’t think policing people into wearing masks will be fair or effective. What we need to do better is educate and promote proper mask use, and make wearing a mask trivially easy, like providing them free in critical public places.

I really want to hear Alberta Health to take action. Daily new cases have now grown to half the level we had at peak in only a few weeks, and the positivity rate is rising. Stronger action on masks and social distancing could mitigate the need for more lockdowns.

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